Sigma Chi International


More than 100 years ago, a Sigma Chi defined the fraternity as:

an obligation, a necessity, an introduction, a requirement, a passport, a lesson, an influence, an opportunity, an investment, a peacemaker and a pleasure

A Brief History of Sigma Chi

Founded in 1855, the Sigma Chi fraternity has been enriching the lives of young men for over a hundred and fifty years. The fraternity was created by a group of young men who felt that the lettered societies around them were intentionally homogenous organizations that had lost sight of their higher purposes, blinded by their drive for status and recognition. These seven young men were of the belief that true personal growth comes through meaningful relationships among a diverse community bound by a similar set of morals and a common ideal. And so, in more than two hundred North American undergraduate chapters, Sigma Chis continue to strive today to perpetuate the brotherhood, filling our ranks with good and decent men of differing temperaments, talents, and convictions with whom all of our brothers, active and alumni alike, can continue to grow as they form lifelong bonds. Click here to visit the homepage of Sigma Chi International.