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The first meeting of Kappa Eta Sigma Chi (originally Eta Sigma Chi before we received our charter), occurred in 1988. Our founders sought an organization on Harvard's campus different from the existing social organizations: one that valued brotherhood, inclusivity, and a commitment to self-improvement of individual members and the organization as a whole. Our founders faced an uphill battle. They would have no house, no assets, and no support from the university. Despite these obstacles, our founders and original pledge classes managed to grow Eta Sigma Chi into the diverse and welcoming community that members know it as today.

In 1992, Eta Sigma Chi received a charter and formally became Kappa Eta Sigma Chi, the 223rd chapter of the Sigma Chi international fraternity. Since our beginning, we've forged connections with other Greek organizations on campus and helped to foster a welcoming and open social scene. In 2003, we purchased our current home at 1124 Massachusetts Avenue. A dedicated space gives our members housing options outside of Harvard's system, a place to gather with friends, and a familiar location to make stronger connections with brothers.

In recent years, restrictive Harvard rules on members of single-sex social organizations have challenged the right of fraternities to exist on campus. Harvard was recently forced to rescind these restrictions, allowing our members to freely display their fraternal association. We look forward to a bright future for Kappa Eta Sigma Chi.

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